Psychology Treatments by Sarah Young in Stanthorpe, Queensland

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Sarah Young, Southern Downs Clinical Psychologist Stanthorpe

Sarah Young Psychologist

Sarah is originally from the UK but moved to Brisbane in 2011 to complete a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Griffith University. She fell in love with the Granite Belt while touring Australia and is excited to join the community. Sarah hopes to provide support to children, adolescents and adults as required.


At Southern Downs Psychology, Sarah provides treatment for a variety of presentations, including:


Anxiety and mood related disorders (including Depressive and Bipolar disorders)

Anxiety disorders include symptoms of excessive fear and behavioural difficulties (typically avoidance).  Certain triggers may lead to an increase in physical arousal (the “fight or flight” response), which can sometimes escalate to a state of panic.  Persistent worry may also occur, with symptoms negatively impacting on the person’s ability to function.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is determined by the presence of obsessions (recurrent and intrusive thoughts, urges or images) and/ or compulsions (repetitive behaviours or mental acts that are driven by rigid rules).

Depression is characterised by persistent sadness, or a feeling of emptiness or irritability, in addition to a range of physical and cognitive changes that impact on a person’s ability to function.  Bipolar and related disorders involve the experience of a manic/ hypomanic episode(s), as well as periods of low mood/ depression (depending on disorder).

Chronic Pain
Trauma related

As well as providing support for a range of behavioural and emotional difficulties.


To see a psychologist, you do not have to have a referral. Most patients who are eligible for a referral receive one from their GP or psychiatrist under the Better Access initiative, or Chronic Disease Management initiative. This allows patients to see a psychologist for a set number of sessions within the calendar year, with a percentage of the session cost being rebated by Medicare.

A standard fee applies for most appointments. You may be eligible to receive a rebate on the session costs through your private health fund, Medicare or payment from a referral source depending on the referral pathway. A standard consultation lasts for 50-60 minutes.


Contact Southern Downs Psychology via the contact form below or via phone on 0497 269 444.
We are located in the heart of Stanthorpe, next to the old ambulance station and opposite the courthouse .
In the event of an emergency, please contact 000.

A: 48-50 Marsh Street, Stanthorpe QLD 4380
P: 0497 269 444
E: sarah[at]southerndownspsychology.com.au

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